An Easy Way To Fix Problems With Com_register_slave
An Easy Way To Fix Problems With Com_register_slave

An Easy Way To Fix Problems With Com_register_slave

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    Last week some of our users reported bugs on com_register_slave.

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  • For start

    description:the slave process of the slave I/O thread could not be started. Entries:061004 log [note] 13:00:08 SQL slave thread replication started initialized, Firewood “FIRST” at position 0, relay log “./db2-relay-bin.000001” 13:00:08 position:4061004 [Note] Slave thread: I/O for connected get info about “[email protected] com:3306”, replication started in signal “FIRST” at position 4061004 13:00:08 [ERROR] Error in COM_REGISTER_SLAVE value: 1105 “Invalid parameters for register_slave function”061004 13:00:08 [note] Read end of slave I/O stream and log position 4How to repeat:The exact “first” result is unknown; The environment has MyISAM and InnoDB tables, stored procedures, and additional triggers.

    We are suffering from an existing master copy of a server to a master copy on two servers, and we may notwhere did not mention IP address but we get the exact below error as.

    Last_IO_Error: COM_REGISTER_SLAVE main command error: Permission denied 'user'@'11 for user.12.13.Password: 18' (using YES) (Errno: 1045)

    error on com_register_slave

    Set up replication and see if it works.
    Create an SSH tunnel with stunnel.All
    test tunnel works with:
    main mysql -u 10 -h.0.0.-P 1 -p
    mysql -usa 3310 -h root -P -p

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  • Step 1: Download and install Restoro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • This 3310 is NOT working
    mysql -u root -t localhost -P 3310 -p

    Change slave;
    Copy, change:
    stop becoming an expert on master_host=’′, master_user=’xxxx’, master_port=3310 … ;
    Start slave;
    Last IO=… error.Access.denied.for.user.’xxxx’@’localhost’….

    The problem seems to be that it is trying to connect to the localhost, not the IP address to the server (

    Localhost can be a problem similar to this article:
    usageclose position:
    If instead of the IP address of the localhost (192.168.5.In we 45) we use the above mysql connection string, we will get good errors:

    I believe Mariadb is trying to use plocal working socket, not 127.0.01 in addition to

    error on com_register_slave

    error: no packages available at. : received 1 2 expected: At parser.write (/vagrant/zongji/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Parser.js:39:19)   protocol at.write(/vagrant/zongji/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:39:16)  In Socket. (/vagrant/zongji/node_modules/mysql/lib/Connection.js:96:28)  In EmitOne (events.js:96:13)    Worry Socket.emitter (events.js:188:7)    readableAddChunk(_stream_readable in.js:172:18)    socket only for .Readable.push(_stream_readable.js:130:10)   In TCP.onread (net.js:542:20)  --------------------     in Protocol._enqueue (/vagrant/zongji/node_modules/mysql/lib/protocol/Protocol.js:141:48)   at immediately._start [as _onImmediate] (/vagrant/zongji/index.js:203:31)  In tryOnImmediate(timers.js:543:15)   Process [as passed to Immediate(_immediatecallback timers].js:523:5)

    This article explains how to add a new slave to an existing MySQL processing. It is possible to add a new standby server, which will allow MySQL replication without controlling the master server and without shutting down the existing cleanup server. At this time, you must stop replication of the website in order to create a current data snapshot. On the other hand, if you need to set up a new MySQL replication read – How to set up replication before replication and

    1. Stop at Slave
    2. Export found existing slave databases
    3. and master.Copy from existing info to new slave
    4. Start real slave replication
    5. Import the mysqld dump to the new appropriate slave and continue to stop mysqld
    6. Edit the file
    7. Add server permission development increment
    8. Copy from my.cnf matrix and server id
    9. Start any slave new server

    1. Stop replication if existing slave
    Cloning virtually all downstream servers from scratch is necessary if you want to temporarily stop replication on existing downstream servers. Why? While you are eating, take a picture of the dates. Connect to the slave using the MySQL consumer and run the following command:

    # (existing maintenance server) stop showing replicationmysql> server statusGmysql> stop the slave;mysql> show status aboutpurgeG

    An existing standby server is nearly stalled and switched off the master until you start replication with the start standby command. Standby servers can usually execute SQL queries, and unless data changes are used frequently, no one will notice the push going on in the background. With Show slave status you can preview the status message and stop searching for slaves.

    2. Exporting existing slave databases
    Once the slave becomes available for disconnection, you can create your own snapshot of the data. With mysqldump information (or a set of databases) can usually be exported to a file.

    # (existing server) export database from any to any > filebash mysqldump -p -uroot > my_database /tmp/my_database.sql

    Before running mysqldump, make sure you have enough disk space. Move my_database.sql as a new slave running scp, ftp, wget…

    3. Copy as well as from the existing server to the slave modern server
    The slave replication server hasva additional small files in our data directory. Status hot These files are usually and go offending contains relay_log, filenames, relay_log location, corresponding Master name.log and corresponding master.log location, although contains parameters that are logged by main server address: from server, user to make sure you are connecting to the main web (with clear password), port…Here is an example of how you can send and to different servers:< slaves /p>

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