Price Of Fastec Image Troubleshooter? Fix It Immediately
Price Of Fastec Image Troubleshooter? Fix It Immediately

Price Of Fastec Image Troubleshooter? Fix It Immediately

If you have fastec Imaging Troubleshooter Price on your system, we hope this user guide will help you.

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    fastec imaging troubleshooter price

    -Smithsonian Magazine, on A GHOST IN THE MAKING documentary filmed with Fastec TS5 Imaging

    SAN DIEGO, CA – Fastec Imaging Introduces The TS5-H, The New High-definition Choice For The TS3Cine And TS3/TS4 High-speed Handheld Troubleshooting Camera Models.


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  • Whether it’s used for troubleshooting in production, research in the clinical field, connected to a Kessler CineDrive in a film studio, or used in a stadium…play sports or the beach, the TS5-H is designed to help all shooters to create a clear high-speed video.

    fastec imaging troubleshooter price

    Based on a brand new, 5-megapixel state-of-the-art La sensor, the TS5-H offersthe same convenient touch controls and smooth cycling workflow as its predecessors, with high quality image performance.< /p>

    How much does a fastec camera cost?

    Base price: IL5-L 9000 < USD -- 13 ts5-L < USD 000.

    According to Fastec Imaging’s Tom Boldt, “We believe there are compelling images in high-value commercial applications, the public media, the lab, and even the production team,” continues Boldt. TS3 and TS4 usually have us. the high-speed camera required for most courses, packaged in a form factor our computer users love, and at a reasonable price. The TS5-H implements these principles with improved overall performance at higher resolutions, a popular form factor, and a base retail price that remains well below $20,000.”

    High-speed cameras usually work differently than “regular” video cameras. They often need to capture events that happen so quickly that they are usually already happening or even over by the time the operator can hit an important dial key. Because of this, high-speed cameras are being introduced intoA face buffer that only stores a few seconds of the “pre-frame” at a time, so nothing is considered a missed frame as the operator’s emotion time slows down. TS cameras work in different ways, but they always offer creative possibilities using shooting, built-in storage media. For example, you can choose the Solid State Journey (SSD) option for free image storage and high-speed buffers for direct high-speed data transfer, or hybrid modules that give the user almost all the power and flexibility.< >

  • New /p state-of-the-art high-speed 5MP CMOS sensor
  • Records 1920 hd 1080a (1080p) video at just 634fps to built-in memory in 6.5 seconds
  • Record 1280 and 720 (720p) HD video at 943fps to built-in memory in 6.5 seconds
  • Save a full buffer (8 GB) on the built-in SSD in just 40 seconds with the SSD option
  • Record PAL (NTSC) vga at approximately 1000 fps to the built-in memory for more than 15 seconds.
  • Gigabit Ethernet control – using softwareFasMotion software on PC, MAC and Linux
  • Remote control of the camera: using a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or working through a web browser over enhanced Wi-Fi or a network.
  • Full HD 1080p60 video output, optional 720p60 from HDMI lens
  • C, Nikon and F mounts available
  • Fastec Imaging is a global high-speed manufacturer of digital imaging systems based in San Diego, California. The company specializes in portable and affordable photo systems, high-speed portable systems, film complexes, portable computer cameras and systems for shooting for long distances. Fastec cameras are used in many applications including engineering, manufacturing, packaging, research and academic medicine, biomechanics, military range testing, sports performance and other entertainment. /p>

    The new Fastec TS5-H high-speed video camera is designed to help any photographer create vibrant high-speed video

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