Classic Winamp skins found on the web Src=

Remember the old winamp music player? Built-in custom equalizer, skins and ad spam? If so, you’ll love the Internet Archive’s collection of specific Winamp skins!

One thing that was unfortunately lost when switching from desktop to active was user preferences. In particular, a dedicated development community has been created in Winamp for and sharing special custom skins. While part of winamp is outdated, the aesthetic skins are undeniably much more timeless. Much of the artistic value is preserved in the With collection of winamp-skin of over 72,000 community-created Winamp skins, waiting for you to enjoy the latest web experience.Archive.

Skin: V2 Technics White Resting johnnyg0
Song: From Puppy Space Station to Saria Lemes

What’s definitely good about that? will launch it from your browser, actually on your smartphone! the skins in this collection are customized for Load Webamp, an open source iteration of Winamp 2 HTML5.

skins highlander winamp

From stereo skins to futuristic gadgets and help; Ranging from fan art to whimsical drawings, you’re sure to find the perfect skin for some of your llama spanking needs! don’t forget to visit the Winamp skin and the Butterchurn Visualizer museum too!

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